Thursday, November 22, 2007

A 'Compassionate' Kevin Rudd will turn boats around ... and worse

Digital portraits by Michael Agzarian show the Prime Minister and senior ministers with their lips sewn together.

Dear Kevin Rudd

I was not surprised but nevertheless disgusted by the Liberal Party’s clumsy attempt to steal Saturday’s election with their divisive and insulting bogus flyers in the NSW seat of Lindsay. Many of us will suspect that the plan was hatched in a higher office with the device of ‘plausible deniability’ to cover him in righteous indignation. We will expect the inquiry to have suitably wide terms of reference.

My attention was recently drawn to your article in the Monthly, entitled ‘Howard’s Brutopia, The battle of ideas in Australian politics’.

I thought your description of what John Howard’s government has made of Australia was correct and welcome this analysis. I note with some satisfaction that you intend to use the word ‘compassion’ to describe the direction of your government, if elected tomorrow.

Yet, even in your announcement yesterday on Higher Education you did not promise to undo the dismantling of the School of Humanities at QUT, and several other similar cases of rampant managerialism at its ideological worst. Rudd focuses on higher education costs

I was even more dismayed to find that you have deceived the refugee advocacy lobby into an expectation that ‘compassion’ will apply to asylum seekers too. One day out from the election you reveal that ‘Brutopia’ continues to rule: Rudd takes tough stance on boat people, November 23, 2007,,23599,22807653-29277,00.html and, Rudd to turn back boatpeople, Paul Kelly and Dennis Shanahan | November 23, 2007,,25197,22806913-11949,00.html

I hope you understand the outcomes we can expect from this policy.

One day out from the election - I don't think this will please anyone who was hoping for more enlightened policies, though you concealed these till now.

I hope you will succeed in winning this election, but with much of your support in the form of preferences from the Greens. Is there no other way to get Australia to become a good global citizen that practices the generosity of spirit we claim as our birthright?

Willy Bach

Greens candidate for Griffith

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