Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Get the Laborials to tell the truth

My name is Willy Bach. I decided to set up this blog because I can see that whichever major party wins the Australian federal election on 24 November 2007 there will still be a lot of unresolved issues - and I don't want them to sneak into power without telling us what they are going to do about a lot of issues.

This blogger is concerned with the disgracefully low standards of Ministerial Responsibility of the Howard government over the past twelve dreadful years.

We want to see the new government of Kevin Rudd, if elected on 24 November 2007, rigorously implement the Westminster system of Ministerial Responsibility for all Ministers and at all times. Furthermore, their consciences must take priority over the needs of the party that is in power.

We saw that after Phillip Ruddock intentionally harmed the psychiatric health of detained asylum seekers, kept people indefinitely in detention in appalling conditions, including children, he was rewarded with the job of Attorney General.

Phillip Ruddock, Amanda Vanstone and Kevin Andrews all bear a share of the responsibility for the continued stress, suffering and lack of compensation for aggrieved victims of DIMIA's 'toxic culture', including Cornelia Rau, Vivian Alvarez Solon and several hundred others.

As Attorney General, Phillip Ruddock has been instrumental in extending the illegal detention of Australian citizens Mamdouh Habib and David Hicks in the notorious torture experimentation centre at Guantanamo Bay, tacitly approving of their suffering.

Phillip Ruddock tried very hard to introduce archaic Sedition legislation which threatened to shut-down satire, stand-up comedy and all critical writing in Australia.

Furthermore, Phillip Ruddock recklessly and maliciously detained and deported the American nonviolent peace activist, Scott Parkin, destroyed his reputation and travel rights for zero gain in security for Australia. Scott Parkin is a free man in the USA - so why not here?

We saw how Alexander Downer and Mark Vaile recklessly funded the regime of Saddam Hussein to the tune of A$300 million, they kept their jobs as Minister for Foreign Affairs and Minister for Trade.

We saw Minister for Immigration, Kevin Andrews, abuse the power of his office to deny a visa to Dr Mohammed Haneef and use the media to drip-feed 'evidence' against the doctor, who had been cleared of wrongdoing. We also witnessed the Minister mount a totally bogus campaign of vilification against the Sudanese and African community. Police Commissioners countered his allegations in several states.

We saw that after his tricky concealment of the 'children overboard' media stunt John Howard kept his job as Prime Minister.

We saw that John Howard persistently lied to the Parliament and the Australian people about the WMD’s and the real reasons for Australian troops being sent to participate in the illegal aggressive invasion of Iraq.

We will run out of space, but you could go on forever. They have been the worst government that Australia has ever had. We are deeply shamed by their conduct. They are unfit to ever hold any position public life

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