Monday, November 19, 2007

Only the Labor Party has so far replied to the letter regarding the blockade of Gaza

This is a photo of an (illegal) Israeli settlement that was built on confiscated (stolen) land
More photos of encroachment of Palestinian land by illegal Israeli settlements:

Dear Margot et al,

Thank you for your letter concerning Labor’s policy towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Fundamentally, Labor supports a two-state solution which recognises the historic connection of both Jews and Palestinians to the area, and their right to live within secure borders in a homeland that allows them to express their own national identity.

Labor also fully supports the efforts of the Quartet (United States, EU, Russia and UN) to resolve the ongoing conflict, based on the conditions set out in the Road Map to Peace. It includes important measures such as mutual recognition, security measures, the vital capacity-building of Palestinian government institutions, better humanitarian relief and the dismantling of the most disruptive settlements.

We welcome the most recent gestures by the Israeli government to re-start the negotiation of a peace settlement with the Palestinian Authority. Labor also strongly supports the planned US sponsored Middle East peace conference, scheduled to be held in November. This conference represents an important effort on behalf of the US and the international community to resolve regional conflict and tensions.

We condemn the attempts of groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah, along with their government backers in Syria and Iran, to derail the peace process. The continued rocket-fire into Israel, abduction of Israeli soldiers on Israeli territory and in-fighting between Palestinian factions is preventing a return to the negotiating table. Labor believes that negotiations will only be possible when all offensive attacks are ceased and all negotiating partners recognise the rights of other partners to exist.

As such, Labor is prepared to offer Australia’s diplomatic resources to assist in creating the conditions that would allow for dialogue. We believe that many positive compromises have already been made on the path to a permanent status agreement, and are confident that solutions to complex problems such as borders and refugees can be reached if a secure environment is established in which to discuss them.

Thank you once again for taking the time to let me know your views. It is genuinely appreciated.

ALP Campaign Information Services

There will be a reply from this group of concerned Australians.

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