Tuesday, November 20, 2007

NO to attacks on Iran - only one response so far: from the Greens

The Australian Greens have a strong Human Rights policy that emphasises

our commitment to ensuring that universal human rights must be respected and protected in all countries. If you wish to refer to the policy in full, you can do so at http://greens.org.au/election/policy.php?policy=39

Greens' Senator for NSW Kerry Nettle has addressed the issue of Iran in

the Senate (on the 27 Feb 2007), by asking the Senate to note the



the growing tension between the United States of America (US) and Iran,

including the military build-up in the Persian Gulf,


the indication by US Vice President Dick Cheney, while in Sydney from 22

February to 25 February 2007, that a military strike on Iran is an

option, and


that US intelligence bases in Australia are likely to be used in any

military strike on Iran; and


calls on the Government to:


support a diplomatic resolution to the crisis, and


rule out Australian support for a military strike on Iran. Question put.

Bob and the Australian Greens are working tirelessly for a fairer,

positive and environmentally sustainable future for Australia. This

election represents an opportunity to achieve a progressive and

independent Senate; for campaign updates, go to


You can keep up to date with Bob's latest campaigning work by visiting

his website at www.bobbrown.org.au

I have not yet heard from the major parties. They owe it to us to tell the truth.

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